Finally it is D-Day

Finally, it’s D-Day.

After months of discovering France, finding the best, the most authentic, the most confidential producers and craftsmen our country has to offer, we’re finally releasing Lefleuret.

Lefleuret is born in the heads of a French student team months ago in order to answer two major issues.



Foie Gras de la Ferme Brusquard

Foie Gras de la Ferme du Brusquand

First issue, French little and authentic producers & craftsmen don’t have the means and the time to be known internationally and to export, they are very hard to find and confidential.

However they are the true ambassadors of the French Culture, they’re the best at what they do.

Second issue, citizens around the world don’t have access to these small & authentic French producers & craftsmen who represent the true French Culture, who offers outstanding products and who probably are the most passionate people in France.

That’s how Lefleuret is born : from the concept of linking confidential and authentic producers and craftsmen to the world.



Château Saint-Ahon, Haut-Médoc Cru Bourgeois 2008

Now, after months of work, this dream can finally become true.

We’re proud to present you Lefleuret, the online delicatessen which aims to make French authentic producers & craftsmen accessible to the world.

For the launch, we offer you 10% discount with the code LAUNCHINGLEFLEURET and we hope you will find the French products you’re looking for.

Now, you can access the best French Know-How.

By Aurore

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